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The DILEMMA of the Heart-based Business Owner


The NEW Formula for Wealth!

Being WEALTHLY means 3 things:

a) FULFILLMENT: Being deeply fulfilled in what you do.

b) INCOME:  Earning the amount of money that allows you to do what you want, when you want, and with whom.

c) IMPACT:  The feeling you get when you know you’re making a big difference in the lives of many people!

WEALTH, when put this way, is easy to understand… but not so easy to create.

(Especially if you’re a heart-based, service-oriented type of person who cringes secretly when you hear that you have to SELL!!!)

But don’t worry!   I’ve got a brilliant little formula that will make your journey to WEALTH faster and more enjoyable.

W = V x I

In this formula, the ‘W’ stands for WEALTH.

Unfortunately, most people have too narrow a definition for this word. Often, they equate WEALTH with money, only.    But as I just said, my definition of WEALTH has 3 components:  Fulfillment.  Income.  Impact.

So… how do you increase the three elements and consequently your overall Wealth?   Let’s look at the other letters.

The ‘V’ in the formula, stands for Volume.  In this context, VOLUME refers to the amount of people who get exposed to your message, your products, your programs and your services.

In other words… how many people are actually being served by you and the things you’ve created and promoted?

The more people you are serving… the more WEALTH you’ll create for yourself.

The ‘I’ in the formula stands for, ‘Intimacy’.

In this context, ‘Intimacy’ refers to your ability to make a deep, significant TRANSFORMATION in the life of any person that decides to work with you.  In other words, when people purchase your products, programs and services – their lives are positively and significantly impacted!

So, there it is… WEALTH = INTIMACY x VOLUME


Now, here’s the GOLD!

“Your potential to create WEALTH is a factor of the VOLUME of people you get your message out to, times the INTIMACY you create with those people!”

Okay – let’s take it a step further.  Let’s apply this formula in a practical way, so you can get a very deep comprehension of how to use it in your business.

Most ‘healing’ or ‘heart-based’ businesses have an inherent riddle; you can either help a LOT of people a LITTLE bit, or help a FEW people a LOT.

In other words, as the volume of people you try to reach goes up – it is often more difficult to make a deep transformation with each one of them.  If you want to go deep, it is often easier to keep the number of people you interact with small. Does that make sense?

This seems to be the main dilemma.

The goal I want for you – and what we’ll discuss for the remainder of this blog post – is how YOU can have a HUGE (and truly deep) impact on a MASSIVE (or truly large) amount of people!

Stay with me.

In order to figure out how to do this (help LOTS of people in a VERY DEEP way)… let’s look at some very common ways of facilitating Transformation in your clients.  We’ll apply our new FORMULA for WEALTH to each example and see how they stack up.

EXAMPLE #1 – “1-on-1 Sessions”

I got my start in business, as a personal ‘Life Coach.’

I worked with my clients individually, helping them find and create everything they desired in their life and in their business.

I was able to provide a TON of value during my 1:1 sessions, as I could really tailor each session to my client’s specific needs in the moment.

In other words, using our formula, the INTIMACY of the sessions was very high – but there was a severe cap on the Volume.


I helped my clients make a Deep Transformation during the sessions for sure, but I could only work with a limited amount of people in one week.  There are only so many hours in a day, after all!  So again, even though the Intimacy was high, my Volume remained low… and therefore, my WEALTH was also low at that time of my life.  I simply wasn’t helping enough people.

In an effort to increase my wealth, I decided to up my Volume!  I started to lead…

EXAMPLE #2: Teleclasses & Webinars

This is an extremely common occurrence for Coaches, Practitioners and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs looking to work with larger groups of clients.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a teleclass before that had 10 thousand people on the line at once! The Volume on teleclasses and webinars can be very, very high!

Unfortunately though, due to the distance and the fact that the level of personal interaction between the facilitator and the people on the phone/computer is low… the ability to deeply serve each participant is severely handicapped.  (On that big teleclass I was on, I felt like a ‘number’ not a person).


To use our formula, the Intimacy on the teleclass was low, even though the volume was high.

1:1 Sessions have high Intimacy, but low Volume…teleclasses and webinars have high Volume, but low Intimacy.  Both amount to a low potential for creating WEALTH!

So, what do you do?

Here’s my best recommendation…

EXAMPLE #3: LIVE Workshops

If you’re serious about maximizing your ability to create True Wealth through serving others, you simply must…Lead Live Workshops, Retreats and Seminars!

In my business, I lead workshops for as few as 6-8 people at a time… and others for as many as 200 people at a time.

The Volume of people I’m serving each year is very good… and, because each event is LIVE – the Intimacy I am creating when I am working with my clients is also very, very high!

I’ve found that leading Live Workshops, Retreats or Seminars is truly the SWEET SPOT where both the Volume and Intimacy can be kept as high as possible!

(Of course, the key is to design your events like mine!  Make sure there is tons of personal attention, lots of coaching and mentoring, and ample Question & Answer periods).

When VOLUME and INTIMACY are high, so is your capacity to create WEALTH!

Workshops, retreats and seminars have the highest potential for revenue, impact, and personal fulfillment!   Yee haw!!!

W = V x I

Whether you’re leading Workshops, Retreats and Seminars already… or you’re just looking to get that part of your business started… the next issue you’ll face is, “How do I fill my live workshops, retreats and seminars?”

Well, of course, you’ve taken a HUGE step in this regard by registering for my upcoming webinar entitled…

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On this Webinar, I’ll take you through the absolute best ways to fill your LIVE, group workshops!

Of course, what I share on the webinar will also help you fill your virtual events (teleclasses, webinars) and all your 1:1 sessions.

You were emailed your confirmation for the webinar… just be sure to be on time and I’ll take care of the rest!!

I look forward to meeting you on the Webinar, and helping you create a whole lot more WEALTH in your life.


Callan Rush xo

P.S. If for whatever reason you’re NOT registered for this Webinar, you can do so here. You’ll learn easy to implement, cost effective ways to magnetize your perfect, ideal clients to all your products, programs and services..

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Setting Learning Objectives

Hi my name is Callan Rush and I’m here with another Workshop Wealth Tip.

This tip is all about LEARNING OBJECTIVES.

And Learning Objectives are really jargon that I am offering to you. It’s taken from my 2nd university degree which was in education, I was a teacher of course.

I had a specialty in designing curriculum in such a way that it would increase the ability of the student to take the information and actually use it in a practical way in their life.

So the secret to doing that, the secret to designing curriculum in that way is to be very clear on your learning objectives.

When you’re designing your workshops, retreats or seminars… the first thing you want to do is ask yourself: what is the number one overall learning objective I want my students to achieve at my workshop?

For example, it could be that by the end of my workshop students will be able to name the 5 elements of a successful workshop business… that’s an example of an overall Learning Objective.

Once you have chosen your single most important Learning Objective, the next piece is to take a look at each segment of your curriculum and to choose 2 or 3 Learning Objectives per segment.

For example, let’s say your first segment lasts from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock. Let’s say it’s about 3 hours… As you are designing that segment you want to be crystal clear on what the 2 or 3 objectives are.

What are the 2 or 3 things you want your students to be, do or have by the end of that segment?

When you’re crystal clear on what the Learning Objectives are, it allows you to design and deliver the curriculum that is perfectly in alignment with that intention.

The other really cool thing about setting your Learning Objectives in advance is that later on is that you can actually go back and test to see if you actually delivered whatever it is you wanted to deliver on.

So for example, let’s say my intention was that students would be able to name the 5 elements of a successful workshop business. Well, at the end I could actually go back and ask my students “what are the 5 elements?” and they are either going to be able to tell me or not tell me.

If they can’t tell me I need to go back and work on my curriculum because I didn’t teach it very well.

So that’s your Workshop Wealth Tip for this week. If you have any questions at all about designing curriculum or about Learning Objectives, how to phrase them, how to choose them… go ahead and look below the video and you’ll see there is a place for you to ask those questions and to make your comments. I’ll be sure to read them and get back to you just as soon as I can.

Until next time, be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo.

Warm Up Your Voice!

Hi my name is Callan Rush and I’m here with another Workshop Wealth Tip (singing).

So why am I singing? You should sing every time single time before you go to a speaking event or before you are about to lead a workshop. No matter what the length, you need to warm up your voice!

Your voice is your instrument, it is the main thing that is going to allow you to make an impact in the world as well as to earn a living. So if you don’t take care of your voice you are not going to be in business very long.

Now… one of the things I do before I come to speak is I’ll sing in the car. So I’ll put in my favorite CD and turn on my IPod and I’ll sing some of my favorite tunes to get my voice warmed up before I get on stage.

And here’s another really cool sub tip… There’s a way for you to find your perfect pitch because when you do start to speak you want to be in the vocal range that is easiest for you.

So one of the ways to do this is to start to hum… And you’ll notice that is the best place for you to speak from. It’s going to be the easiest for me and the easiest for my audience to listen to as well.

So that’s your Workshop Wealth Tip for this week. On your way to your venue or speaking engagement, sing! Have fun with it…warm up your voice and you’ll be in business for a lot longer.

You’ll notice right below this video there is a place for you to leave comments or questions. If you have any questions at all about vocal techniques or things that I do to save my voice and enhance the sound of my voice go ahead and leave your question there and I’ll be sure to get back to you just as soon as I can.

Until next time be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo.

Bio Breaks Are Vital

Hi my name is Callan Rush and I’m here with another Workshop Wealth Tip.

This tip is all about what I call a BIO BREAK.

A Bio Break is really just a break you insert into your time line or curriculum for your workshop that allows people to get out, go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, get some fresh air… whatever it is.

It’s an opportunity for them to take a break from the learning, to re-group to take care of themselves and to be able to come back and be more present.

So, my rule of thumb for this particular idea is that you never want to plan a learning segment that is longer than 2 1/2 hours.

2 1/2 hours is about the extent to which a human being can sit, learn and not have to get up and go to the bathroom and take care of themselves.

That’s the maximum and you can shorten it up a bit depending on who your audience is. So that’s your Workshop Wealth Tip for this week.

If you have any questions at all about planning your workshop, or how long breaks should be or when they should fall or setting the context for any of it… please go ahead and look below the video and you’ll see there is a place to leave comments or questions. I’ll respond just as soon as I can.

Until next time be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo.

Account for Lost Minutes

Hi my name is Callan Rush and I’m here with another Workshop Wealth Tip.

This tip is all about what I call TRANSITION TIME.

Whenever you’re planning for a workshop or a retreat or seminar, you’re going to want to create a time line, also known as a logistics master that will be documenting what is happening when, when the breaks are, how long the learning segments are.. All those kinds of things.

One of the biggest mistake I see when people are actually designing their programming and creating their time lines is that they forget to account for what I call Transition Time.

So Transition Time is simply the little minutes here and there that are lost when people are finding their seats, putting their bags away, making sure their coffee lid is on tight, putting it under their chair…

All the little things that have to happen for people to actually settle and be ready and present so they can start to learn again.

So make sure when you are planning your breaks and mapping out your time line for your workshops that you’re including Transition Time and that will keep you from being over time. Which nobody likes either.

That’s your Workshop Wealth Tip for this week. If you have any questions about how I design my logistics master or the techniques I use to create my time lines, go ahead and look below this video. You’ll see there is a place to leave comments or questions… so go ahead and do that and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Until next time be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo.

Resistance is a Good Thing!

Hi my name is Callan Rush and I’m here with another Workshop Wealth Tip.

This tip is all about resistance. You’ll always have some people at your workshops who are resistant at some level to what you’re offering.

Maybe it’ll be as obvious as someone heckling you. That has happened to me, it’s kind of unnerving!

Maybe it’ll be as subtle as someone looking sideways and crossing their arms in the front row… they’re making you work for it.

Resistance comes in all sorts of styles and can manifest in all sorts of behaviors, but what you need to remember as the workshop facilitator is that resistance is not necessarily a bad thing.

And here’s why: often times resistance is just a sign that your information is starting to push up against some beliefs systems or some survival mechanisms that person has held on dearly to.

So you’re actually challenging a way of thinking, or feeling or believing that has been with them for many, many, many years…

So again it’s natural that they are going to go: wait a minute, this has worked for me for so long and now you’re asking me to let go of something that has kept me safe?

Be compassionate when people are resistant. Explore it, ask them more about it, give space for their resistance as opposed to being resistant to their resistance.

What I’ve also found in my over a decade of doing this and many many thousands of people is that often times if you are patient, if you are compassionate, if you are curious and you really open up the communication about what that resistance is about, your number one most resistant person in your audience will become your number one fan!

That’s my tip for this week. You’ll notice below this video there is a place for you to leave comments and questions so if you have any questions about how to handle a heckler or how to deal with resistance or what kinds of questions could be appropriate to ask to explore and open those channels. Go ahead and put them down there.

Until next time be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo.