Do You Want To SKYROCKET the SUCCESS of Your Workshops, Retreats and Seminars?

“It is a truth, universally accepted, that in times of turmoil you are either helping or hurting. There is no neutral in times like these. A sadder truth, less widely accepted, is that the lack of 3 very specific business skills is stopping thousands of well meaning, educated leaders from helping the world in the way they know they can.”

ACROSS North America, there are THOUSANDS of extremely talented, divinely gifted Workshop, Retreat and Seminar leaders, just like you, eager to give their unique and amazing gifts to the world.

UNFORTUNATELY, our research shows that over 90% of these gifted folks fall flat on their face when they try to make a go of it with their business.

We think this is tragic.

The time for the leaders with the REAL solutions to reach the people who are really suffering is NOW!

At every turn, change, challenge and adversity threaten to destroy our mental, physical, emotional and financial health.

If YOU have the information, expertise, and courage to solve a piece of this millennium mayem, you must step up. The world needs you!

Unfortunately, unless you get educated about a few simple things first, you risk ending up where the vast majority of workshop, retreat and seminar leaders end up….’Out of Business’ and looking for another job!

The reason most folks in this business FAIL is simple.

You can have the BEST IDEA in the world, the education, expertise and experience to back it up, but unless you know how to solve the 3 biggest problems facing all workshop, retreat and seminar leaders you are dead in the water.

Problem #1 – Low Attendance at Your Live Events

Our Solution: Magnetize Your Audience!

Join us at Magnetize Your Audience to learn the quickest, easiest, most cost effective ways to attract ideal clients to all of your events. Not only will you learn how to effectively market your business – but we’ll personally coach you through the creation of the 6 biggest pieces of your front end marketing, right at the event! To be clear – your marketing will be complete by the time the program is over.

Problem #2: How to Make Your First Time Clients, Life Time Clients!

Our Solution: Mesmerize Your Audience

Learn the art of dynamic program design, and dynamite delivery to keep your participants, learning, laughing, and loving you for years to come!

Problem #3: Lack of Profitability, and limited Cash Flow

Our Solution: Monetize Your Audience

Learn to create a 6 or 7 Figure Business by mastering the easiest, most ethical, most authentic and most effective ways to SELL your products and programs on and off the stage! Making a significant income with your business will enable you to give your gifts to the world as long as you like.

MEET the Founders of
Leader to Luminary Training Inc.

Motivation & Marketing Maven, CALLAN RUSH

The first female to lead from the stage for the largest personal development company in the world, Callan Rush is now the CEO and founder of highly successful, Leader to Luminary Training Inc.

A top-notch trainer with over 15 years of success in the speaking, training and educational seminar industry, Callan has mastered the Secrets to creating a life-changing, lucrative live event business.

An expert in sales & marketing, and a genius in program design and facilitation, Callan delights her audiences with her unique blend of humor and wisdom, honesty and openness, and complete generosity of self and spirit. To Book Callan call 604.568.3802 or email [email protected]

Magnetic Marketer,

Marketing maverick and renegade sales guru Justin Livingston is a true master of persuasion
 and influence. He’s the most successful marketer you’ve never heard of! Why? He’s been behind the scenes of some of the largest personal development companies in the world helping them help more people and make more money.

Known in the upper echelons of the personal development industry as The Magnetic Marketer, Justin is one of a handful of people in the world with highly specialized knowledge in the creation and implementation of leading edge sales and marketing systems specifically designed for workshop, retreat and seminar leaders.

A naturally gifted logician and innovative thinker, Justin Livingston’s sales, marketing and business insight is unsurpassed. To Book Justin call 604.568.3802 or email [email protected]..